10 Boys arrested in a Girls school Dormitory

by Lawyer Wanz

Ten Form four leavers at Anester Boys High school in Nakuru have been arrested in a neighbouring girls school dormitory.

Police officers in Nakuru arrested the ten boys after an unspecified number of schoolboys broke into Anestar Precious Girls Secondary School on Thursday night.

According to a police report, the schoolboys- in their numbers- breached the school’s perimeter wall in the cover of the darkness and made their way to the girls’ dormitories.

Police officers from Githioro Police station- alerted by the screaming girls- responded swiftly but had a hard time dispersing the boys who were hovering around the dormitories.

One of the officers was forced to fire into the air, dispersing some boys whose mission at the school remains unclear.

In the aftermath, 10 boys were arrested and are currently in detention at the Dundori police station pending further action.

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