12-year-old boy sexually assaulted and murdered

by Lawyer Wanz
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Police have launched investigations after an uncouth inciident at Seguton trading centre in Kuresoi North, following the brutal murder of a 12-year-old boy.  

The body of the sexually assaulted Grade Three pupil was found in a cypress plantation, barely 100 metres from Seguton- Olenguruone Road on Sunday morning.

The Nation reported that Seguton Chief Mr Johnstone Towett informed them that the boy was recovered by passers-by. 

The body had strangulation marks. Preliminary investigations indicate the minor was sodomised. We have launched investigations into the murder,” said Mr Towett.

The victim’s father, Mr Joseph Gatheru, said the Karirikania Primary School pupil did not spend the night at home.

We spent the better part of Saturday with him before he said he would join his friends to play a few metres from our home. After taking his lunch, he joined his friends but did not come back in the evening,” said Mr Gatheru.

Gatheru said the family learnt of the death of their fifth born son on Sunday morning.

Residents angered by the murder lit bonfires and barricaded Molo- Olenguruone road for more than six hours on Sunday. They accused the police of taking too long to collect the body.

Despite being informed early, police officers took six hours to arrive at the crime scene,” said Ms Serina Rono.

The residents called on the government to put up a police post nearby to enable them receive emergency services promptly.   

A contingent of police officers later cleared the barricaded road.

The incident comes barely a day after a 21-year-old woman allegedly killed her husband at Mau Summit in Kuresoi North.

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