3 Suspected women thugs arrested

by Lawyer Wanz

Police in Nyeri County are holding three women in connection to drugging and robbing unsuspecting victims.

Rita Achieng Okuto, Caroline Kariuki and Caroline Wanjiku(image|rms)

According to a police report, the three female thugs are believed to have been drugging and robbing mostly men, in bars around Ruringu area.

The three – Rita Achieng Okuto, Caroline Kariuki and Caroline Wanjiku – were arrested for being out past curfew time, but upon a search conducted on them they were found in possession of six mobile phones, a laptop, one electronic tablet and an assortment of ATM and identity cards belonging to different people.

The suspects had tablets suspected to be sleeping pills that they lace their victims’ drinks stupefying them before robbing them.

Two men who presented themselves at the Nyeri Police Station to report that they had been robbed, positively identified their phones, admitting that they were in the company of the women.

The three are expected to be arraigned in court on Tuesday to face several charges.

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