58-year-old Security Guard Dies in a Lodging

by Lawyer Wanz
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A 58-year-old security guard has died in Ol Kalou under unclear circumstances in a lodging.

In an incident reported on Sunday morning, Edith Wairimu-an employee at Heshima Lodge-told the cops that she found Stephen Githaka- a security guard at the same facility- breathing heavily inside room number 24 which was unlocked.

According to the report, Wairimu had gone inside the room to clean when she found Mr. Githaka in dire straights. Officers alerted to the matter rushed to the scene, accompanied by detectives from Nyandarua Central and rushed Mr. Githaka to the JM Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The police report further noted that he was found with a condom on his penis when his body was examined.
His body was moved to the JM Hospital Mortuary awaiting an autopsy. The matter is currently under probe to ascertain the cause of the puzzling death.

In the list of puzzles that detectives will attempt to piece together is whether the guard was with anyone at the time and where they had disappeared to.

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