Seth Mahiga accused of withdrawing funds without authority

by Lawyer Wanz
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Former Secretary Seth Mahiga has been accused by The Atheists in Kenya Society (AIK-S) of withdrawing funds from the society’s bank account without the authority of the current executive committee.

The society’s President Harrison Mumia said that members of the Executive Committee were shocked when they visited their bank only to find a huge sum missing from their account.

The new executive committee, including myself, the incoming Treasurer Samson Mbavu and the incoming Secretary Mary Kamau had visited KCB today only to be informed that the former Secretary Seth Mahiga, had withdrawn funds from the Atheists In Kenya Society bank account without our authority,” Mumia said.

Mumia further said the act by Mahiga amounts to theft from the society adding that the funds belong to its members.

This is not the first time the organisation has been at loggerheads with the former secretary. Back in October last year Mumia described Mahiga as a crooked, devious and crafty individual.

Mahiga has since resigned from the organisation.

In a press statement released by AIKS, Mahiga’s reason for the resignation was that he had found Jesus Christ and was no longer interested in promoting atheism in Kenya.

In other news, A bank has been ordered to repay a child €66,000 that it allowed her father to take from an account she should have controlled.

Details of the case are contained within the latest set of legally binding decisions by the Financial Services and Pensions Ombudsman. The decisions were issued during the second half of 2020.

In one case, the parents of a child called “Daisy” opened a junior bank account on her behalf when she was three months old. The account was used to deposit monthly child benefit payments.

Her father was authorised to make withdrawals until she reached seven years of age, at which point Daisy was to become the signatory. However, he continued to make withdrawals until virtually all money was removed from the account.

The account “appeared to have been operated by Daisy’s father as if it were his own”, the ombudsman noted. After Daisy’s seventh birthday, a large number of debits, totalling approximately €66,000 had been taken from the account.

Daisy was unaware of the existence of the account and stated that no consent was ever given to her father to withdraw funds after she turned seven and that she did not benefit from the withdrawn funds. She requested the bank refund the money.

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