A Kenyan And Two Foreigners To Stay In Jail For 15 Days Over Sh 1 Billion Fake Currency

by Mahakamani News
Abddoulaye Tamba Kouro, Abdalla Tamba and Anthony Mwangangi Munyiva before court

A Nairobi court has allowed an application to detain a Kenyan and two foreigners for 15 days to complete investigations.

Abddoulaye Tamba Kouro, Abdalla Tamba and Anthony Mwangangi Munyiva were arrested on Monday in Westlands, Nairobi with over Ksh.1billion fake bills.

In their application, the Prosecution told the court that the amount seized needed to be calculated and it is bulky.

It was further argued that more time is needed to establish the true identity of the foreigners.

Flying Squad Unit Investigating Officer Mohammed Godana Hussein, in an affidavit, further added that there may be accomplices who are still at large.

During the raid on Monday evening, police recovered a wooden machine for making papers to be disguised as authentic currency notes.

According to the Prosecution, the suspects may sabotage the Kenyan economy if they are released.

The three were arrested at Sandalwood Apartments along Brookside Drive after a tipoff from members of the public.

Nairobi Court Magistrate Sinkyiak Tobiko case ruled that the case be mentioned on October 16 for plea taking and further directions.

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