A Robbery with Violence suspect cooling his heels in a cell

by Lawyer Wanz
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A robbery with violence suspect is cooling his heels at a police cell after a robbery mission at a house in Shauri Moyo area of Nairobi backfired.

Ian Otieno, 25, and his three accomplices had gained access to the house of a family within Jua Kali area at 10pm last night, ordering the victims to cooperate and lie down lest they suffered dire consequences.

The four-man gang robbed the family of three mobile phones, before unmounting a 43 inch Hisense TV as they ransacked the house for more valuables.

The gang’s robbery adventure was however cut short by a neighbour who spotted the gang terrorizing the family, raising a distress call that scared them off. As he scampered to escape the wrath of a thronging mob, Otieno had brandished a dagger with which he inflicted a cut on the neighbour’s head, perhaps for spoiling their felonious party.

Taking advantage of the help from his neighbourhood that set the gang into a panic, the man of the house raised the police at the nearby Shauri Moyo station.

Responding swiftly and getting a gist of the violent robbery, the police pursued the criminal gang, moments later cornering and arresting Otieno who clung to the stolen TV. A bloodstained knife was also found tucked on his trousers. Otieno is awaiting arraignment for violent robbery as the police pursue the rest of the gang members.

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Comments from the Kenyans on Facebook.

Ben Kirui Why did the police arrest a criminal like such and put then in cell? Are your guns not working? It would have been good news to hear police officers managed to gun down dead a robbery with violence criminal at Shauri Moyo and other accomplishes fled to safety police officers are on their pursuing mission to arrest them. Now what are you still doing with a criminal who can even kill a police officer? As we speak, he should be dinning with ancestors.

Skeeter Wambui I always wonder why Jesus forgave and greeted a thief? .I fear thugs they can stab and leave you for dead just because of a phone.May he rot in prison cell.

Owino Steven High rate of unemployment among the youth is the root cause of all these problems…those who steal billions of public fund are safe.I pity for the young man.The political class is making unrealistic promises every five years;a time will come when we will take it no more…revolution is loading.

Isaac Otendo He gets arraigned in court then gets out on a few thousand shillings bail. While out, he goes on more robbery with violence spree. He robs, hurts, maims, kills others again. He’s caught and the vicious cycle is on.

Adan Sigale Ketsane The swiftness of the police is admirable even when their response time is given an excuse for the obvious reasons of not being successful in nabbing a suspect…..Having said that, with all the evidence in this writing, the suspects are mostly acquitted for insufficient evidence…. mostly due to the fact that the case may take too long that make the complaint loose appetite to testify due to the ever-demanding job of police who are to testify in the courts. Kenyan has natural ways to kill a case…. mostly when their is a kill in the case.

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