A woman has been slapped with a fine of Sh20,000 over theft

by Lawyer Wanz

A woman who stole from a city matatu conductor Patrick Maenje Omulama on August 14, will pay Sh20,000 fine for theft or will serve a five months’ jail term.

Leah Moraa was handed the penalties by senior resident magistrate Renee Kitangwa of Kibera law courts after she admitted the theft and evidence presented in court.

Omulama who works for KACOSE Sacco had met Moraa at Koja stage near Nairobi fire station where she pretended to be stranded and he offered to help her with his phone to make a call.

He left his phone with her only to learn his lesson the bitter way after the woman turned out to be a con.

The court heard that Moraa told Omulama that she was new in Nairobi for the first time and she also did not have a mobile phone and begged to use his.

She had a number written on a piece of paper which convinced Omulama she did not own a phone and was in need of help.

Assuming her naivety, Omulama gave her his phone. The decision was wrong. She alighted and walked away with it after he went about 10 meters away.

Omulama later met Moraa seated in a matatu in Banana area on August 28. She was wearing his “jumper” and he confronted her asking for his phone. She denied ever having met him.

She alighted and boarded another matatu headed to Nairobi CBD and Omulama followed her and told the driver to drop them at Gingiri police station where she was arrested. Moraa admitted the facts of the case and was jailed.

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