Another Suspect Arraigned In Court For Stealing Sh 13 Million From Harambee Sacco

by Mahakamani News
Walter Pbunga Bonyo before court

Another businessman has been charged with stealing millions from Harambee Sacco.Prosecution has alleged that Walter Obunga Bonyo between the 1 December 2017 and 7 of February 2018 at Harambee Savings and Credit Co-Operative Society Office in Nairobi, jointly with another already before court , stole cash Kshs. 12,350,000 the property of Harambee Savings and Credit Co-Operative Society.

He pleaded not guilty before a Nairobi Chief Magistrate Court Francis Andayi.

He was released on a cash bail of 1 million and pending cash bail payment to remain in custody.

March this year a top manager of the giant Harambee sacco was charged with stealing over 13.6 million shillings from the Cooperative.

The Sacco credit manager Christopher Seje Bolo who was working at the Credit control Department of the sacco, which is the second largest credit and savings Co-operative society in the Country ,is accused that on December 1 ,2017 and 7 February 2018 ,at the sacco’s office ,bieng an employee of the organisation stole Kshs 13,645,220 shillings property of the sacco which came to his possession by virtue of his employment.

Bolo denied the charge before  Principal Magistrate Martha Mutuku and was released on a cash bail of Sh 300 000shillings or bond of 1million with a surety of the same amount  .

A prosecutor Pamellah  Avedi said that the case  will be  consolidated with another where the  former  head of Finance  Jacob  Barasa was charged with stealing  the same  amount.

Avedi said the Sacco which has a membership of 100,000 drawn from the civil service is the complainant through its acting chief executive officer Mr Renson  Mwandoe.Prosecution to consolidate three files.

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