Billionaire’s Children Sues Uncle For Wanting To Snatch Their Business

by Mahakamani News

A man fighting his uncle over their family investment, Manchester Outfitters Limited that is worth billions now claims foul play.

Pravin Galot wants lawyers representing their uncle disqualified.

He claims that his uncle Mohan Galot’s  lawyers Karathe Wandugi and Tom Ojienda must not represent him with his wife Santosh Galot.

Pravin says that Wandugi has acted for him previously and that Ojienda is a member of Judicial Service Commission (JSC) where he has filed a complaint against the magistrate who acquitted Mohan and his wife Santosh.

Mr Mohan Galot in court

Pravin is accused by his uncle Mohan of defrauding him.

To counter his accusation Pravin has accused his uncle of forgery claiming that the uncle is trying to disinherit him and his siblings of a Sh4.5 billon inheritance.

The matter was mentioned before Magistrate Francis Andayi who directed the parties to file and serve written submissions by October 8, 2017.

Pravin claims that the uncle is a liar and wants to disinherit them making all sorts of accusations among them dropping out of school because of poor grades.

He has however produced a copy of the letter signed by Mohan in 1991 asking him to drop out of college and return from American to run the family business since everything was about to be auctioned.

Proceedings resume  October 8, 2017.

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