British soldiers in court over murder of a sex worker

by Lawyer Wanz
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The murder of a commercial sex worker in Nanyuki nine years ago has returned to haunt nine British troops who are being questioned in connection with her killing.

Agnes Wanjiru, 21, was discovered dead inside a sewage tank at a nearby hotel two months after she went missing. On that fatal night, the joint was a hive of activity, with scores of British soldiers drinking beer, dancing with local ladies, and some even accompanying them to their apartments.

The case was not any different for Wanjiru, who was also seen leaving the seating area walking next to one of the British soldiers and that was the last time she was seen alive.

Her family, nine years later, is seeking justice hoping that the matter will one day be settled and the culprit arrested for stabbing before dumping her body inside a septic tank.

They believe that the matter was thrown under the table by Kenya and security agencies with the aim of maintaining diplomatic ties with the United Kingdom (UK).

For years now, British soldiers have been training at the Nanyuki army base following an agreement between Kenya and the UK where the latter can send battalions a year and they stay for eight weeks training with soldiers attached to the Kenya Defense Forces (KDF).

According to The Sunday Times, by the time the body was discovered, the soldiers had gone back to their home country but one of them was heard bragging how she had ended the life of a lady he had met while in Kenya.

However, the British Ministry of Defence said that they never received such a request which saw the investigation stop.

However, a new investigation was opened last week and the family believes that this time around they will get justice for their kin.

The officers drawn from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and sleuths attached to DCI have been investigating the death silently.

The soldiers engaged in ‘nonstop’ sex with the Commercial Sex Workers which caught the attention of their bosses and they were forced to undergo mandatory HIV tests once they went back to their home country.

“Her case has been completely overlooked. From the first day we reported the case at the police station they never did anything until when the body was retrieved from the septic tank,” said Rose Wanyua Wanjiku who is Agnes’ older sister.

The Sunday Times reported that four witnesses in 2012 told Kenyan police officers that Agnes left the bar with a British soldier and they went to his room.

Inside the room, the two are believed to have differed which led to an altercation before a fight broke out.

The friend who had accompanied Agnes said that she opted to leave the premises after she failed to show up.

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