“Bunch Of Frauds” – Francis Gaitho Lashes Out At IEBC Dispute Resolution Committee 

by Mahakamani News
The IEBC Dispute Resolution Committee. 

Thika Town Parliamentary Aspirant Francis Gaitho has dismissed the Independent Electoral & Boundaries Commission (IEBC) Dispute Resolution Committee as a “bunch of frauds” following their application of double-standards in their rulings. 

The committee which he illustrated as a pack of Chebukati hoodlums, ruled that he should have paid more attention to emails from the Returning Officer which stipulated all the guidelines, thus ensuring that he didn’t miss any requirements. 

But in a swift rejoinder, Gaitho says that even those who were purportedly “keen” as the committee purports, missed the same requirements, since no Independent Candidate was cleared on the same day. His only misfortune was being the only candidate slotted on the last day.

“I suspect that my deep-pocketed opponents had a hand in my transgressions and may have greased the palms IEBC officials to undermine my candidacy” Gaitho added. 

It appears that the political establishment plotted to lock out Independent MP candidates since all corruption in Kenya begins and ends in parliament, and more alternative voices in the August House would spell doom for the status-quo which would not be in a position to pass flawed Government bills. 

The 12th Parliament was ranked as the most corrupt August House in Kenya’s history, and IEBC who’ve become surrogates of the political establishment, were only interested in clearing pliable candidates. 

“Kenya has solid brains, because the person who concocted the warped rules for Independent Candidates knew exactly what he/she was doing and would be working for NASA or Elon Musk had they used their brain appropriately, not just obsessing over ways to block individuals from contesting” said Gaitho. 

Francis Gaitho at a press conference. 

Asked on his next course of action, Gaitho did not rule out filing an appeal at the High Court, even though he says that the timelines gazetted by IEBC were structured in such a way that they’d undermine any legal challenge in a competent court. 

“Again I reiterate, that the person/s who conjured these misguided rules & regulations should engage their brains in more productive uses and help elevate their community and our country out of poverty, not just idling at a compromised electoral commission cooking up rules on behalf of the rotten political establishment,” Gaitho continued. 

The “Chebukati Hoodlums” used frivolous technicalities to clear some candidates whilst blocking others. For instance, a candidate from Kaiti Constituency was cleared by despite the Returning Officer confirming in court that he was not present at the venue of submitting papers during the stipulated hours. However Gaitho was barred for not having an excel sheet for supporters. 

“If we as a country became more inclusive and stop obsessing over ways of blocking each other, we can scale the heights of Europe or Asian Tigers in no time” said Gaitho, suggesting that the entry barriers are not only limited to IEBC but other spheres of everyday life including tenders, employment opportunities, university admissions and the likes. 

“From tenders to political candidates, the system is wired to lock out those with merit and only favor the crooks, thugs and vagabonds,” said Gaitho. “The list of candidates you’ll see at the ballot has been predetermined and the exercise on the 9th of August will just be a mere formality” he said. 

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