Can Both Parties Use The Same Lawyer In A Divorce

Some family lawyers offer a new service where one lawyer can assist a couple in their divorce or separation.

Both parties use the same lawyer in a divorce when they share common interests and a cooperative approach to settle financial and child-related matters.

Can Both Parties Use The Same Lawyer In A Divorce
Can Both Parties Use The Same Lawyer In A Divorce. Source (Reddit)

Why can a couple now use the same lawyer during a divorce?

Historically, divorcing parties needed separate lawyers, potentially deepening divisions.

Amicable separations are crucial, especially with children involved.

New regulations allow one lawyer to represent both, promoting common ground over exploiting differences.

This change aligns with the introduction of no-fault divorce.

What are the benefits both parties using the same lawyer during a divorce?

Many couples can agree on child and financial arrangements after separation. Traditionally, they each hired a lawyer, incurring time and costs.

Now, using one lawyer can reduce conflict, save money, and expedite the process, minimizing family stress and preserving privacy.

Should all divorcing couples now use the same lawyer to separate?

Not all couples can agree. Moore Barlow assesses suitability for collaborative processes and offers alternatives.

Court intervention may be necessary in cases of domestic abuse or lack of commitment to openness and transparency.

When a Divorce Lawyer Acts as a Mediator for a Couple

Both divorce parties can use a single attorney as a mediator to facilitate conflict resolution and agreement crafting. Mediation can be court-referred or initiated by the couple themselves. Mediators remain neutral and help identify and resolve conflicts, providing an alternative to contentious legal battles.

Mediation for a couple using a divorce lawyer can:

  1. Save time and money
  2. Enable couples to make decisions themselves
  3. Keep proceedings private and confidential
  4. Result in voluntary agreements
  5. Prevent future legal expenses for modifications

Skilled mediators often successfully conclude divorce negotiations where spouses couldn’t find middle ground.

To safeguard your rights and interests in a divorce, it’s essential to collaborate with a dedicated and experienced attorney solely focused on your best interests.