Can You Apply For A Green Card Without A Lawyer

Considering US residency? Wondering if you can apply for a green card without a lawyer?

One can apply for a green card without a lawyer depending on their circumstances.

Read on for Green Card info and legal assistance insights.

Can You Apply For A Green Card Without A Lawyer
Can You Apply For A Green Card Without A Lawyer. Source (Forbes)

Do you need to a lawyer to apply for a Green Card?

No, a lawyer is not required to apply for a Green Card in the US.

Many applicants successfully navigate the process independently each year.

Immigration law is intricate, and a seasoned attorney can help you throughout the process.

It may be essential for non-English speakers or those struggling with document comprehension.

The benefits of hiring a Green Card lawyer

Getting an immigration lawyer can prevent Green Card application rejection, as they offer invaluable assistance by:

Ensure applicants meet the required criteria

Experienced lawyers assist Green Card applicants in assessing eligibility based on:

  1. Employment
  2. Family ties
  3. Special immigrant status, refugees, asylum seekers
  4. Victims of human trafficking, crime, or abuse
  5. Less common eligibility routes
Collect and validate all supporting documents

An immigration lawyer helps gather and validate vital documents including:

  1. Government documents like Form I-602, I-212, I-508, I-566, etc.
  2. Birth certificate copies
  3. Immigration category documentation
  4. Government-issued ID with a photo
  5. Specific documents per Green Card qualification criteria
  6. Certified records of past criminal charges, arrests, convictions, etc.
Prepare applicants for the Green Card interview

Green Card applicants undergo interviews with the assistance of an immigration lawyer.

How to find a U.S. immigration lawyer

To represent you for a Green Card, an attorney must be eligible to practice law in any U.S. state and have no legal restrictions.

Find pro bono providers on EOIR’s website or explore the ABA’s list by practice and state.

Speak to multiple lawyers and choose one with a successful track record in cases like yours.

Does bad credit affect Green Card applications?

Credit history doesn’t transfer to the U.S. for Green Card holders.

No credit score won’t affect initial Green Card.