Couple jailed for 30 Months for making love

by Lawyer Wanz
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A couple who were caught on camera making out on the side of the road last week has been sentenced to 30 months in prison.

Muhawenimana Colodine Mukamurenzi, 24, of Nyakinama Sub County Kisoro District, and Hafashimana Paskari, 29, of Migeshi village in Rwaramba Parish, were accused of making a public disturbance.

The couple was on Tuesday, November 9 captured in a video that made its rounds on social media indulging in street sex.

This led to their arrest with Elly Maate who is the Kisoro territorial Police spokesperson saying that they were processing their charges so as they are arraigned in court.

“They will be charged in court with public nuisance due to their acts of annoyance to the public,” he said immediately after the arrest.
It remains unclear why the two opted to have sex along a busy roadside opposite Kisoro Central Pharmacy within Kisoro Municipality.

In the sex tape, the duo is first seen walking hand to hand and then abruptly without any warning they start humping away, in the middle of a busy road.

This is done with little or no care for who is out watching.

Then the man is seen pulling the lady by her waist up close to his chest and with his other hand, takes out his manhood and attempts to live her skirt.

The lady told the police that she had agreed with the man that this is done at a fee of Sh500 Ugandan money which is Sh15 Kenyan money.
Eye witness says the ordeal lasted close to three minutes.

Earlier reports indicated that the two- lovebirds had a commotion and that the lady was forced by her cyclist lover but police dismissed the argument.

Elly Maate who is the region’s spokesperson said that the two did it willingly.

They did it willingly and they should be charged willingly,” Maate said.

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