Court awards sacked Maasai Mara University don Sh2 million, reinstates her

by Wakili Liam
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Maasai Mara Vice Chancellor Prof Mary Walingo. She is accused of corruption. She and four others irregularly withdrew large chunks of money from the school coffers for personal use.

Prof Misia Manuguti Kadenyi, a former Maasai Mara university Deputy Vice Chancellor has been reinstated.

The don was sacked on allegations of organising student unrest to destabilise operations of the institution, has been reinstated by the Court of Appeal as a professor.

The University’s Vice Chancellor Prof Mary Walingo had declined to reinstate her as Deputy Vice Chancellor, academic, research and student affairs. The court termed this as a hostile work environment for her.

Justices Daniel Musinga, Jamilla Mohammed and Sankale Ole Kantai also found that the position which Prof Kandenyi was holding had been abolished.

They however ordered that she be paid a salary compensation of Sh2 million.

Prof Kadenyi was appointed Deputy Vice Chancellor in October 2013 for five years.

However, problems began in 2015 after the Vice Chancellor wrote a letter to the Narok County Commissioner decrying the security situation at the university.

In the letter, Prof Walingo stated that amongst other things, there was a planned student’s strike which was organised by some senior members of staff.

She told the commissioner that preliminary investigations pointed to Prof Kadenyi as the leader and organiser of the unrest. The relationship between the two had since deteriorated so that on September 4, 2015 Prof Kadenyi found it necessary to write a “protest letter” to the chairman of the university council.

She protested the goings on at the school stating that she was recovering from surgery but the VC was “…busy telling Management and Senate about my involvement in students’ unrest on March 23, 2015 and how I go to meet students in my house in Eldoret…”.

Prof Kadenyi decried that the VC was tarnishing her name and had done so in the presence of her colleagues and had even alleged that she was giving students money to destabilise operations of the university.

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