Court Declines To Release Three Frozen Vehicles Belonging To Ngirita’s Family

by Mahakamani News
Anne Ngirita and Phillis Ngirita in Court

High Court has declined to release three motor vehicles belonging to Ngiritas family in the NYS scam.

Phylis Njeri Ngirita, Lucy Wambui Ngirita and Jeremiah Gicheni Ngirita had moved to court seeking for release of two motor vehicle impounded by police during the investigation of NYS season two scandal.

“This court be pleased to issue an order compelling the respondents to unconditionally release motor vehicle registration number KCH 753U and KCH 600H and KCH 889M belonging to applicants” state the application.

They claim prosecution don’t intend to rely on the said motor vehicle on their case.

“We have noted that there is no documents touching on the aforementioned motor vehicles according to documents supplied to defense” they claim.

They further claimed that the motor vehicle registration number KCH 600H and KCH 889M co-owned with a financial institution (Platinum Credit Limited).

The three claims decision by detective to continue detaining the motor vehicles is illegal, irregular and unwarranted.

They further argued , there is no application before any court seeking to impound the said motor vehicles.

“DPP,IG and Naivasha police station will not suffer any loss, damage or prejudice should the application be allowed .

The Ngirita’s claimed that the purchase of the motor vehicles was financed by Platinum Credit Limited and the interests continues to accrue.

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