Court Grants Miguna Sh 50,000 Cash Bail

by Mahakamani News

High Court has released Miguna Miguna on a cash bail of 50,000 pending hearing and determination of the application he has filed this afternoon.

“Pending the hearing of this application inter parties on 5 February ,2018 the applicant be and is hereby released on a cash bail of of Kshs. 50,000 to appear before this court in person on 5 of February , 2018 for inter parties hearing as stated herein” ruled the judge.

He further ordered that if police intends to charge Miguna Miguna, he should be arraigned before court.

” That in the alternative, should the respondent intend to charge the applicant with any person with any known office , then the same is to appear before the said Court as soon as required if it is to be before his appearance before court this court” Wakiaga J ruled.

The judge directed the Inspector General of police personally to effect the same on any of the officers who are holding Miguna Miguna.

He ordered Miguna Miguna to appear in court on Monday in person and if state intends to prefer any charges against him he should appear in appropriate court.

Through lawyer Khaminwa and Peter Kaluma , Miguna argued that, police arrested him this morning after bombing his house in Runda.

They sought Miguna to be admitted to bail pending any investigation or pending the bringing of any charge against the Miguna Miguna.

In the application Miguna Miguna applied to  be granted anticipatory bond or cash bail pending hearing and determination of the application or intended charges.

Miguna Miguna argued that the powers of arrest by the police are being abused, misused ,intimidate and to oppress him.

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