Court Issues Arrest Warrant To County Legal Director Violet Avoga After Failing To Appear In Court

by Mahakamani News

Nairobi Magistrate Court has issued warrant of arrest against Nairobi County Government legal director.

Senior Principal Magistrate Martha Mutuku slapped the county legal director Violet Avoga with arrest warrant after she failed to appear in court for plea taking.

Prosecution told the court the accused has failed to honor summons by the investigating officer.

Other two Nairobi County Government two senior officials have been charged with fraud.

The three Violet Avoga,Jared Omwenga Mageto and Charles Nzoka Muthoka are accused on 31 of January this year jointly with others not before court by deceit and fraudulent means conspired to defraud Nairobi County Government 6.234,829,65 million by falsely pretending that Nairobi county had consented to pay Kiago General Suppliers Limited.

According to the prosecution,it is alleged that the three on the same date this year, at unknown place jointly with others not before court, knowingly prevented the execution of legal process in civil case number 1726 of 2015 by falsely making application before Chief Magistrate Milimani Commercial Court Hon E.A . Nyaloti that Nairobi County Government had consented to pay Kiango General Suppliers Limited a sum of Ksh. 6.234.829.65 million a fact they knew is false.

Jared Omwenga Mageto and Charles Nzoka Muthoka  before court

Jared Omwenga Magneto and Charles Nzoka Muthoka are also accused that on the 17 of January this year, at Windsor house along Muhindi Mbingu street jointly with others not before court with intent to defraud  and without lawful authority of execute forged a letter dated 17 of January and addressed to director legal affairs Nairobi City County in respect of civil case number 1726 of 2015 purporting it to be genuine and valid letter written and signed by Mercy Mogusu..

The two are facing other three counts of forgery.

They pleaded not guilty to conspiracy to defraud Nairobi city council over 6 billion shillings.

The three Violet Avoga,Jared Omwenga Mageto and Charles Nzoka Muthoka appeared before Nairobi Senior Principal magistrate Martha Mutuku.

They were released on a cash bail of 300,000 and bond of 500,000.

The criminal case will be heard on 21 of June this year.

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