Court Orders Hospital To Hand Over Tom Cholmonderey’s Medical Records To Family

by Mahakamani News
Tom Cholmonderey

The family of Lord Delamere has been allowed to acquire medical records to ascertain the death of their kin Tom Cholmonderey.

M.P Shah Hospital should give those medical within seven days.

In a consent filed in court, Hugh George Cholmondeley, Fifth Baron of Lord Delamere has been appointed as the next of kin to the late Thomas Patrick Gilbert Cholmondeley for the purposes of the case he sued the hospital.

“Within 7 days from the date of filing this consent, the respondents do provide Lord Delamere with the requisite application for the release of a certified copy of the deceased medical report file,” reads the consent.

Following the consent high court judge Chacha Mwita agreed to withdraw the case.

Cholmondeley’s father had sued the hospital over failure to provide him with his late son’s health records has made him unable to administer the deceased’s estate which is at risk of wasting away.

Cholmondeley died on August 17, 2016 while undergoing treatment at the hospital after undergoing a hip replacement.

Among the documents the father wanted the hospital compelled to give him included the deceased’s medical history as recorded, pre-operative cause received, the operation and activities that took place in the operating theatre

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