Court Orders Law Firm To Pay Sh 6.2 Million To Nairobi County Government

by Mahakamani News

A Nairobi court has ordered a city law firm to deposit Sh6.2 million in court in the next 24 hours.

The court says the deposit is in the interest of protecting public funds.

Sh6.2 million was paid from Nairobi County Government Cooperative Bank account despite a court order stopping the payment.

“The amount released to Ondabu advocates to be deposited in court by April 26 pending the determination of this case to protect public funds” ruled the court.

Chief magistrate Edna Nyaloti directed If it is established that lawyer Momanyi was not instructed by the County government then the matter will have to be forwarded to the police for investigation.

CM Nyaloti said she is disappointed with the lawyers for recording a consent without consulting the county government. She also accused the lawyers of misleading the court.

“The Nairobi county government is a government. I don’t want to be made to look like i am part of the scam, because i am not a beneficiary. You cant attach a government’s account,” she said.

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko last week thwarted an attempt that could have caused Nairobi County government to lose more than Sh6.2 million.

This is after a lawyer recorded a consent in court without authority from city.

The governor upon being informed by the bank moved to court and managed to suspend an order requiring it to pay a law firm sh6.2 million.

In the ruling, Chief magistrate Edna Nyaloti ordered the order obtained by Ondabu and Company Advocates be set aside pending hearing of the case.

This was after Governor Sonko appeared in court and informed her that the orders requiring the county’s Cooperative Bank Account, city hall branch to release the funds to the law firm was wrongfully obtained.

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