Court Postpones Billionaire Galot’s Ruling Again

by Mahakamani News
Mohan Galot and his wife Santosh Galot arriving in court in the past

A Nairobi Magistrate Court has postponed yet again, a ruling on whether to suspend criminal charges against tycoon Mohan Galot and his wife Santosh Galot, pending the outcome of case pending before the High Court.

Appearing before trial magistrate Francis Andayi on Thursday, the parties were informed the court was yet to finish writing the ruling. The Magistrate promised to deliver it on December 14.

The Galots have applied for the case to be suspended, pending the determination of a case pending before the High Court.

According to the Galot’s, the dispute before the High Court is regarding the shareholding and ownership of the said company.

In the criminal proceedings, his nephews Pravin Galot and Rajesh Galot want them prosecuted for forgery and changing the shareholding of their companies.

On his part, Mohan argues that the criminal case was brought out of malice and the investigating officer in collusion with his accusers, Pravin and Rajesh Galot want to frustrate his ownership in Galot Industries.

He has also accused them of planning to extort, defraud and blackmail him.

“In the clarity of the High Court matter, the Attorney General has since filed his final report with all supporting documents revealing that the two adversary parties have fraudulently made themselves directors of the complainant company

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