Court Prosecutes Two Businessmen For Forging Succession Documents Of Their Relative

by Mahakamani News

Two businessmen have been arraigned in a Nairobi Court for forging succession documents of their kin.

Kuldip Madan Sapra and Ashman Masan Mohan Sapra who are brothers are said to have petitioned the High Court to grant them letters of administration in the Estate of the late Yogaish Madan Mohan Sapra who died in September 8 2005.

However they did not plead to the charges after their lawyer applied for plea to be differed to tomorrow.

According to the charge sheet, the brothers are accused that on January 12 2011 at the High Court in Nairobi made a false affirmation in relation to the succession cause No, 26 of 2011, in the matter of the estate of the late Yogaish Madan Mohan Sapra, before then High Court judge Isaac Lenaola.

The documents they altered purported to consent a Grant of administration of the almost a billion estate.

Kuldip Madan Sapra and Ashman Masan Mohan Sapra before Milimani Law Courts 

They were accused of jointly attempting to acquire from a Nairobi Dental Surgeon Dr. Nisha Supra the beneficiary of the Estate of the late Yogaish Madan Mohan Sapra, a half hectare land parcel at lower Kabete, a house in lower Kabete, a house in Brookside Garden, an apartment in Nyali estate in Mombasa next to Tamarind Restaurant , 4036 shares at Kenya Airways Limited, Mt Kenya Sundaries Retail Shop at Hilton Hotel in Nairobi, Maya Duty Free shops at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport , Sapra Investments Limited and Green Gems Limited all valued at Sh700,000,000.

They are also accused of falsely pretending that they were the bona fide administrators of the Estate of his late brother Yogaish Madan Mohan Sapra.

Nairobi Chief Magistrate Francis Andayi directed the plea to be differed to tomorrow but released the two on a cash bail of Sh200,000 pending pleading to the charges.

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