Court releases Activist Mutemi Wa Kiama with conditions

by Wakili Liam
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Activist Mutemi Kiama (pictured) has been released on a Sh500,000 cash bail.

He was ordered not to use his social media accounts and will be required to report to the investigating officer on a daily basis until April 18.

Mutemi was on Wednesday held at Central Police Station as the milimani magistrate court deliberated on whether to free or hold him for a longer period.

Police had sought 14 more days in order to conclude investigations into a poster of President Uhuru Kenyatta circulating on social media.

Mr Kiama was arrested on Tuesday evening for allegedly making and sharing making a viral notice with President Uhuru Kenyatta’s face warning the world against entering into loan agreements with him on behalf of the country.

IMF and Kenya

The notices of President Uhuru and his deputy William Ruto, whose was christened ‘not fit to hold office’ have been trending on social media since early this week.

Over the weekend, Kenyans took to social media to protest a move by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to approve Kenya’s Sh255 billion loan.

Taking to IMF pages, Kenyans questioned the Jubilee administration’s insatiable appetite for loans, saying the government can’t account for the ones it has taken before.

Many of the Kenyans, who have since signed an online petition to ‘compel’ IMF to cancel the loan, were aggrieved by some of the government projects which had been marred by corruption.

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