Court Releases Two Police Officers Charged With Corruption

by Mahakamani News
Police Inspector Seth Nalyanya Barasa and police constable Evanson Mureithi Munyaka before court

Anti-corruption Chief Magistrate Lawrence Mugambi acquitted Police Inspector Seth Nalyanya Barasa and police constable Evanson Mureithi Munyaka both attached to Makuyu Police who were arrested and charged with three counts of misuse of office, dealing with suspect property and being in possession of unlawful obtained property.

The magistrate said prosecution failed to demonstrated their case.

“The recovery of the money is not properly demonstrated and the accused are acquitted” ruled magistrate.

Magistrate set them free citing failure of a key witness to testify in the case.

Mr Mugs mai said the key witness, Mr Jack Musomba, who found the money never recorded a statement and was never called as a witness.

The two were charged on the 28 of January 2017 at Makuyu area along Kenol -Thika road being persons employed by a National Police Service as Inspector of Police and Constable respectively attached in Makuyu police station, traffic duties jointly used their office to improperly confer benefit of Kshs 25,500 from various drivers as indictment not to charge the said driver with unknown traffic offence.

They were facing other two charge’s of abuse of office and being in possession of unlawful property.

Inspector Barasa and Constable Munyaka denied that they were arrested by the officers from the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) with Sh20,500 at Mukeu area within Makuyu along the Kenol-Thika Road.

The two, were suspected to have received the money from motorists as bribes not to have them charged for flouting various traffic offences.

The accused were out on a cash bail of 60,000 each.

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