Court to sentence student who murdered a Priest

by Lawyer Wanz

On Thursday, a college student who confessed hacking to death a Catholic priest, Father Michael Kyengo, will be sentenced.

This comes only weeks after Mr Michael Muthini, 26, shocked the Embu High Court by revealing how he cut the priest to death for allegedly sexually abusing him and spreading him with HIV.


Mr Muthini claimed that the priest drugged him before molesting him overnight in a rented house in Mbeere South Sub-County.

On Tuesday, Embu High Court Judge Lucy Njuguna ruled that his sentencing be pushed to Thursday when she will deliver her verdict against him after perusing a probation report. She observed that the report is yet to be filed in court. 

Mr Muthini had been charged that on the night of October 8 and 9, 2019, at Makima area in Mbeere South, Embu County he murdered the priest jointly with two other people in court.

Father Kyengo, 43, was on leave when he met his death which sent shockwaves across the entire Machakos Catholic diocese where he served. The priest was later found buried in a shallow grave on the banks of Mashamba seasonal river.

While pleading guilty to a capital offence, he told the court how he slashed the priest’s neck with a panga, killing him on the spot before stashing him in a plastic bag.

He then put the slain priest in the boot of a car and took him to the bank of the river and buried him. Mr Muthini said he acted out of anger after the priest took advantage of him and pleaded with court to have mercy upon him as he was ready to reform.

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