Cyrus Jirongo Allowed To Take Part In Presidential Election After Court Suspends Bankruptcy Order Against Him

by Mahakamani News
Cyrus Jirongo

Cyrus Jirongo is a happy man after the high court suspended a bankruptcy order against him.

This could mean that Mr. Jirongo can contest for the presidency.

The bankruptcy order was out of a Sh700 million debt he owed a former confidant.

“Accordingly, the orders that that commend themselves to me are orders allowing the application dated 16 of October 2017,pursuant to section 26 of the Insolvency Act, No. 18 of 2015 , pending the hearing and determination of HCCC NO. 228 of 2014. It is further ordered that a copy of the court ruling in HCCC NI. 228 of 2014 be filed herein for completeness of the record” ruled the judge.

Justice Olga Sewe also stopped businessman Sammy Kogo from executing the decree against Jirongo, pending the hearing of the dispute.

The order was granted on September 29.

Jirongo told the court that he was not served with the petition that led to the judgment.

Jirongo had secured a loan from National Bank of Kenya using properties belonging to Kogo, a confidant, but he failed to repay the loan.

Jirongo had 180 days to repay the money.

Businessman Kogo has 14 days to file a response to Jirongo’s suit.

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