DCI launches manhunt for the rapist Clergyman

by Lawyer Wanz
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Detectives based in Makueni county are looking for a clergyman who raped a school going teenager and warned her of dire consequences should she disclose the ordeal to anyone.

The man of the cloth identified as Rev Daniel Kimeu, entrusted with the responsibility of shepherding the Lord’s flock abdicated his responsibility and attacked one of his own.

girl man

The cleric who ministers at A.I.C kalebwani church in Kilungu, had offered a ride to the 18-year-old form three girl on October 19, 2021, before he stopped the vehicle at a secluded spot after a few kilometers and forced himself on the girl.

As she painfully recounted her ordeal in the hands of the man of the cloth, the girl reported to her teacher that she was walking home from Kikuswi market, when Rev Kimeu suddenly stopped his vehicle and beckoned her to get inside.

Innocently, the girl boarded the vehicle only to be raped moments later. The clergyman went into hiding immediately after the incident and detectives are hunting him down.

Reactions from Kenyan on FaceBook

Gerald Sammy Sad that a shepherd decided to eat the sheep. You know there is a joke about shepherd and the sheep. In this joke pastors say you can’t be a good shepherd and you don’t know how to slaughter and eat a sheep. The true meaning of the joke is that you can’t be a pastor and you don’t know how to convince church members to give towards a church project. We all know most Christians need to be pushed in order to give and tithe . Seems this man of God took the joke practically and ate the sheep. The joke should be banned henceforth. May the Lord help His servants

Muthiora Njuguna Names have meaning and they affect someone’s life even the Bible gives the meaning of each name. When you call worshippers sheep and clergy shepherds of the flock what do you expect. The shepherd to turn the sheep into a meal or money one day. Whichever way sheeps are for consumption. But I’m not justifying rape. Raping is the worst crime against humanity which affects generations of the rapist.

King Mang’ana Very bad from man of God, hope justice prevails, only that am wondering how that happened in the middle of the road where pedestrians and other motorists also pass, something not adding up, the location of the ordeal is in question, let the girl say the truth, Kama alitembelea mzee makali ikamzidi aseme tu!

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