Dead Beat Dad: Woman demands Sh350k from Narok senator Ledama Olekina

by Wakili Liam
Ledama Olekina, Senator Narok County

Narok County Senator Ledama Olekina has been sued for child upkeep.

A woman claims that the lawmaker has neglected his responsibility of taking care of their one-year-old child. She is demanding monthly upkeep of Sh350,000 from the Narok senator.

Among the orders that she is seeking from the court is an order to compel the senator to pay interim maintenance of Sh200,000 being child support for the minor pending hearing and determination of the case.

According to court papers, the woman says the minor was born on October 20, 2020, adding that the lawmaker cut off communication with her after she told him she was pregnant.

She claims that they met in September 2019 and thereafter they were in an intimate relationship for some time before siring the son.

“When I conceived and realized I was pregnant, I immediately informed the respondent that he was going to be a father. But to my dismay and utter shock the respondents cut off communication with me,” laments the woman.

She claims that she informed Ledama when the child was born and requested him to take responsibility but maintained silence.

“I was left with no other choice but to settle all the cost and bills during the pregnancy, scans, birthing without any involvement or assistance of the respondent,” she says.

She is accusing Ole Kina of showing no interest in taking care of the minor.

The woman has attached medical bills and receipts in the court papers.

In a letter dated 3rd September this year addressed to the senator, the Sh350,000 according to the woman will utilised as follows; house help Sh17,000, food Sh50,000, medical Sh40,000, shelter Sh80,000, clothing Sh50,000, entertainment Sh43,000, utility bills Sh50,000 and service charge of Sh20,000.

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