Diamond Wholesalers Directors Involved In Sale Of Fake Sugar And Cooking Oil Released On Sh 2 Million Bond

by Mahakamani News
Directors Dahir Ahmed Hassan, Mohammed Dahir and Ahmed Sheikh Mohammed who were arrested by police with alleged fake sugar

Three alleged counterfeit sugar and cooking oil dealers arrested in Eastleigh area, Nairobi have been released.

Earlier, they had been charged with selling substandard goods worth millions.

Dahir Ahmed Hassan ,Mohammed Dahir Ahmed and Ahmed Sheikh Mohammed are directors of Diamond Wholesalers.

On June 4 2018 at Diamond Wholesalers stores in Eastleigh estate , jointly with others not before court, they were found offering for sale 922 bags of 50 kilogram each of substandard white sugar valued at Sh3,070,260 million.

The three are also accused jointly with others not before court of applying the Kenya Bureau of Standards mark on Kabras sugar brand without a permit to use the standardization mark.

The prosecutor further alleges that, on June 4 2018 at Diamond wholesalers stores in Eastleigh Estate, the three with others not before court were found repackaging brown sugar under poor hygienic condition rendering the product unsafe and compromise its quality contrary to requirements of the Kenya’s standard specification.

They are also accused on the same date , they were found offering for sale 648 jerricans of 20 litres each of premium Safari cooking oil valued Sh1,555,200 million.

They denied the charge before Nairobi Senior Principal Magistrate Martha Mutuku.

They were released on a cash bail of Sh300,000 and a bond of Sh2 million pending hearing and determination of the criminal case.

Proceedings will resume on September 3.

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