Diana Bahati takes Willy Paul to court over attempted rape {VIDEO}

by Lawyer Wanz
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Diana Bahati speaks after a long period of silence. Now she has decided to take him to court. Gospel singer Willy Paul Msafi bears controversy and scandal as his middle name tops the list owing to numerous scandals that have left many questioning his faith and where his allegiance lies.

From the “msafi” name which he claims to have added to his original name because God made him extra clean despite arguments by critics that he coined the name from Tanzania’s music guru Diamond Platnumz’s Wasafi recording label.

Here is the video of Diana narrating her painful story:

His scandalous relationships is another area where Willy Paul has failed miserably. Having courted negative publicity owing to multiple girlfriends that have literally dragged his name into the mud.

At some point Diana, Babezdyer, went as far as posting some horrific scars that the controversial gospel singer had inflicted on her in an altercation.

While another 19-year-old woman named Charlene Leila, accused the singer of impregnating her and later ordering her to abort. However, Willy rubbished the claims, saying it was a fabrication by his enemies to tarnish his image and stall his progress.

To add salt to injury the bad boy of gospel known for his contradictory mode of dressing including his hit songs which are perceived as secular was at some point accused by fellow musician Bahati of stealing his music Maria and Mapenzi adding that most of his hits were not his own creation.

But a thick-skinned Willy Paul is quick to defend himself terming it a ploy to tarnish his name through the bad press.

“Every negative report about me is untrue and hence they don’t affect my life in any way. Truth is, I am less bothered by what they say or write nor am I out to please anybody because I know that I serve a living God who has continuously opened more doors for me,” says the musician who was once spotted in a popular entertainment joint in Nairobi exposing not only his love for the club life but also his arrogance and disrespectfulness.

“In any case, I have learnt to live my life the way I want since people will always have something bad to say about you dead or alive.”

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