DNA: Family Wants Body Of Former Equity Bank CEO Exhumed

by Wakili Liam
John Mwangi Kagema, FOunder and CEO of Equity Bank who passed on on 26th December 2018

A row is brewing pitting two wives of former Equity Bank founding Chief Executive Officer John Mwangi Kagema.

The two Sarah Wanjiru Ngugi and Beatrice Wanjiku Mwangi are fighting over the deceased estate.

Sarah is accusing her co-wife Beatrice Wanjiku Mwangi and her two sons of excluding her in the properties and disclosing the extent of the estate owned by the deceased. She now wants his body exhumed for a DNA test to be conducted over property row; to end unnecessary litigations in respect to the deceased father.

“DNA test be conducted on any other persons alleging to be a biological child of the deceased so as to avoid unnecessary lengthy litigation so as to determine paternity,” reads court papers.

Dispute marriage

Sarah says that Beatrice’s marriage is disputed in light of the information that was shared to her by the deceased, John Mwangi.

According to the court documents, Sarah says that upon the death of the deceased, her co-wife for no good reasons kept away from all the preparations of burial and interment of Mwangi causing her psychological torture, stress and mental anguish.

However, in another replying affidavit by Beatrice Wanjiku, she says that she is the legal wife and therefore Mwangi had no capacity to marry any other woman since he married in a monogamous union.

She says that the claim by another woman Esther Njeri that she is a wife to the deceased cannot be true.

Sarah has asked the court to give directions on the soundest and respectable manner to harvest samples for DNA.

The late Mwangi, who was a renowned entrepreneur associated with Enashipai Spa & Resort in Naivasha, died in December last year.

In February, his widow Beatrice Wanjiku alongside James Kagema and Daniel Wamahihu — who are among her four children — filed a succession case at the High Court in Nairobi to kick-start the process of being administrators of his estate.

The case will be heard on November 23 this year.

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