DPP Haji Approves Murder Charges For MP Aisha Jumwa

by Lawyer Alex

The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), on Wednesday, October 14, approved murder charges against Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa.

In October 2019, the outspoken lawmaker was linked to a fatal shooting after chaos erupted during campaigns in Ganda Ward, Kilifi County.

A highly placed source from the ODPP confirmed to Mahakamani News that the Mombasa office possessed compelling evidence to charge her with murder.

“They murdered somebody. The Mombasa office has approved and is going to charge her. The gun was the bodyguard’s and if I am not wrong she was there.

“The investigations point to that. She has her day in court, she can go and prove her innocence then,” the source told this writer.

It was believed at the time that she stormed a venue where a meeting was being held and in the scuffle that ensued, the ODM agent got shot and died. 

The meeting was convened for ODM agents to strategise on how they would conduct the mini-poll.

In her response over the incident, Jumwa pointed her finger towards ODM Party claiming that it had played a role in the death of the agent.

“When I arrived at the event, I met a guy called Agunga who claimed that I would not interfere with the event as the police were around. I don’t know what the police were doing in the area. I believe ODM had a sinister motive as the campaign period was over. ODM should be held responsible for the death of the deceased. I would like to urge my followers to be calm and remain in their houses.

“We don’t know how the deceased died or who killed him. Reports claim that it was my bodyguard, the police or anonymous people like the ODM agent. We want justice for the Ganda residents,” she stated at a conference.

In 2020, her woes would pile up after she got arrested in connection with another scandal in which Ksh57 million was misappropriated.

In an order Haji issued in August, it was revealed that the eight were charged with conspiracy to commit an offence of corruption, willful failure to comply with the law related to procurement, conflict of interest, money laundering, acquisition of proceeds of crime, forgery and uttering.

That was after business entities controlled by the MP through her proxies allegedly received funds from the National Government Constituency Development Fund for her constituency.

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