Drama as Private Detective Takes Photos in Court, Interrupts Case

by Lawyer Wanz
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Jane Mugo, a private detective caused a scene during the hearing of a case where she is accused of threatening to kill a Nairobi businessman.

During the Thursday court proceedings, the self-declared detective took out her two phones and begun taking pictures of the magistrate, prosecutor and journalists, thereby interfering with the court process.

At some point, Magistrate Martha Mutuku questioned her lawyer Danstan Omari on why his client was behaving in that manner.

“Do you know you’re an accused? Why are you taking photos? ” Mutuku asked even as Mugo allegedly failed to respond and instead continued with the act.

Mugo was charged with threatening to kill Deepa Shah on February 4, 2019, at Kyuna Close within Spring Valley in Gigiri.

The matter which was up for hearing was adjourned after the prosecution said they did not have an interpreter in court.

The prosecution counsel Anderson Gikunda however, requested for an adjournment stating that the complainant understands Gujarat language.

Gikunda also said they had another hearing which would take long before they can hear another matter.

The magistrate granted the application and adjourned the case to July 12. Mugo is out on a cash bail of ksh100,000.

In February, Mugo was given a last warning after she failed to appear in court for the case against her.

Her lawyer told the court that Mugo was unwell and asked Chief Magistrate Mutuku to adjourn the matter.

However, state prosecutor Anderson Gikunda asked the court to issue a warrant of arrest against the detective, saying she had no documentation to prove that she is sick.

At that point, Mutuku gave the suspect the last warning, saying she finds it difficult to allow an application for adjournment without documentation.

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