EACC Goes After Kang’ata’s Law Firm

by Lawyer Alex
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Senate Majority Whip Irungu Kang’ata.

The Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission (EACC) has launched investigations into dealings between a law firm associated with Senate Majority Whip Irungu Kang’ata and the Nairobi City County Government.

EACC in a letter to the Nairobi County Secretary requested case files for matters handled by Kang’ata’s law firm along with 24 other firms for the period between 2013 and 2020.

The agency stated that the basis of the probe was a review of the legal fees paid by the county to the firms for the last seven years.

“The commission is undertaking investigations at the Nairobi City County in respect of payments of legal fees to the following firms… To facilitate our investigations, kindly but urgently furnish us with the original documents in respect to the mentioned firms,” the letter by EACC reads in part.

Kang’ata, however, dismissed allegations of irregular payments made to his firm by the county government of Nairobi. He argued that the probe was a political manoeuvre against him.

He stated that he worked with Nairobi City County in 2018 and was paid for his services.

“I got paid and everything ended well. These investigations are nothing but politics. I have been in public service as a councillor, MP, and Senator and these are the first investigations I am facing,” Kang’ata was quoted by the Sunday Nation as saying.

“I have all the documents to show my singular payment from City Hall was legal and legitimate. It’s not a coincidence that the investigations is being done three years after the payment,” he alluded.

Kang’ata warned that his political prosecutors beware he is a lawyer and is willing to shake them off.

The Senate Majority Chief Whip turned the blame on the EACC for allegedly turning a blind eye to corrupt governors in the country, perpetrators of the Covid-19 scandal because of their support for the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI).

Kang’ata has faced criticism from pro-BBI politicians over a letter he had written to President Uhuru Kenyatta regarding the report’s popularity in the head of state’s home region of Mount Kenya.

“They have not even recorded statements. But EACC is now after me on baseless allegations, coincidentally after I spoke my mind. They should arrest all Mt Kenya residents who share my view. I knew the risk when I decided to speak the truth,” Kang’ata stated.

Firms under the EACC scope over dealings with City Hall include one associated with Makueni Member of Parliament Dan Maanzo.

EACC asked the County Secretary to provide them with all payment vouchers and cheque counterfoils along with a list of prequalified law firms for the period between 2013 and 2020. The agency also requested the minutes approving the firms and all relevant documents supporting the probe.

The investigation by EACC comes at the back of complaints by Members of the County Assembly over huge sums of money paid out by the county in terms of legal fees, yet it had not won any cases in court. 

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