Embu Brothers Murder Case: Lawyers Who Withdrew Return

by Lawyer Alex

Drama was witnessed in Court on Thursday morning as lawyers who withdrew from representing the six suspects in the killing of Kianjokoma brothers made a return.

The matter had been adjourned on Tuesday after the cops’ lawyers – Danstan Omari and Cliff Ombeta, alongside nine others – withdrew from the matter.

Six lawyers were appointed by the state to represent the suspects.

They told the court they were appointed by the state to represent the six, except one of the accused persons.

However, Omari said he is representing the first accused, who reappointed him.

Lawyer Shadrack Wambui also said he had been appointed by the third suspect to represent him.

There were two sets of lawyers each saying they represent the six but the suspects each signed in court and confirmed that they did not want the state appointed lawyers but instead those who represented them on Tuesday.

The state lawyers withdrew from the matter, saying they cannot act alongside the privately appointed lawyers.

They told the court they had been fired by the six cops and have no choice but to withdraw.

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