Fake Chrome Vodka and KRA stamps Nabbed

by Lawyer Wanz

Four suspects have been arrested and a consignment of alcohol drinks affixed with fake KRA stamps recovered.

The four Stephen Ngugi, Amos Maina, James Nyaga and George Kariuki were arrested following an operation conducted by a multi-agency team comprising of detectives and KRA officials in Kiambaa, Kiambu county.

One roll of fake KRA stamps, distillation equipment, and chemicals used in the production of counterfeit alcoholic drinks were seized. Bottles of counterfeit alcoholic products, including Trace Vodka and the popular Chrome Vodka were also recovered.

The raid follows a recent directive by His Excellency President William Ruto to the police, to conduct intelligence led operations targeting counterfeit goods, after it was discovered that crooked businessmen had devised ways of evading taxation.

Reaction from KOFB

Antony Manyara  · Go for the fake distillers, and save comrades from high-voltage drinks, above 60% alcohol content. Hawa hapa Leo ni wanabiashara, maybe wamerukwa. Those are brains. Survival for the fittest.

Catherine Ngaruiya The word fake should not appear here. These are always genuine stamps got from corrupt KRA officers. We live in this Kenya

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