Famous Githurai Cop Katitu Tells Court He Is Innocent

by Mahakamani News

‘Katitu’ a policeman who exterminated crime in Githurai but set up for a crime he never committed wants to be released.

Titus Musila, a cop who silenced robberies in Githurai says that he is not the person who killed a man, Kenneth Mwangi in 2013.

Githurai 45 residents fondly called him Katitu and felt safe whenever he was around.

Residents in support of Katitu who spearheaded an operation to wipe out criminals in the area, blocked Thika Superhighway for a week protesting his arrest.

Musila was charged with murdering Mwangi in a ‘clean up’ operation at Githurai 45 in 2013.

Githurai police officer Titus Musila Katitu with his lawyer Cliff Ombeta at Milimani Law Courts

He asked Justice James Wakiaga to clear him of the charge and acquit him saying he did nothing wrong.

On October 4, the Judge ruled that the prosecution made a case based on the first impression against the police officer.

Katitu, a popular former crime-buster, said the state has failed to prove he killed Mwangi.

He urged the judge to find that he had nothing to do with the killing as the bullet did not come from his gun.

The former officer said he was posted in the area 10 years before the incident at a time when “shoes were being sold while still on the owners’ feet”.

Katitu also revealed that he belonged to ‘SPIV’, a squad that had been formed to fight crime in Githurai, following complaints from members of the public.

The matter will proceed next month for highlighting of submissions.

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