Femicide Watch: Man who accidentally killed his wife with a hammer detained for 14 days

by Mahakamani News
The case appeared before Chief Magistrate Hon Patricia Gichohi (above)

A Kiambu Law Court has allowed the police to detain a man for 14 days. The accused, Michael Mburu Mwaura, was arrested on murder charges. He claimed to have accidentally killed his wife, Catherine Nyambura, after a confrontation between them ensued at Darasha area in Juja Sub County of Kiambu County.

In application 435/2019 to have the accused detained, Police Constable (PC) Cornelius Aruasa (attached to the DCI office in Juja) requested the court to grant him 14 more days to look into details of the murder such as procuring witness statements from the accused neighbors and conducting a post-mortem on the victim.

The PC further claimed that the accused was not only a flight risk but also likely to interfere with the investigations if set free.

In his mitigation, the accused told the court that he had accidentally killed his wife and that mens rea was not present in his part as it was not a premeditated murder.

However, according to PC Aruasa, the particulars of the case as per the statement recorded at Juja Police station was that the accused arrived in his house where a heated argument arose with his wife and a fist fight ensued. In the course of the melee, the accused used a hammer and hit his wife with it twice on the head whereby she instantly succumbed.

After the brawl, the accused is said to have surrendered himself at Juja Police Station where he wrote down the statement.The accused was then apprehended and detained at the station whereby he is still held in custody.

Chief Magistrate Patricia Gichohi directed that the accused to be detained and as a standard procedure, he would also undergo a mental assessment prior to plea taking when the case will be mentioned on October 4, 2019.

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