Former Intercontinental Hotel Employee Cries Foul after Losing an Eye

by Lawyer Wanz
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Hotel Intercontinental has been accused falsely compensating a lawyer who later conned an employee who lost an eye while on duty.

Hi, kindly guide me on this issue. My dad used to work at InterContinental Hotel, chemicals spilt on his eyes leading to loss of his eye. He went to hospital and after long stay in hospital, the Agha Khan and Mater Hospital doctors recomended workman compensation. Intercontinental HR refused to compensate him for the lost eye and pushed my dad to resign on health grounds. He resigned and pursued legal redress at Osoro & Omwoyo Advocates. After more than 10yrs of waiting, my dad came to realise that the lawfirm had already entered consented to accept payment without even consulting my dad.”

Intercontinental Hotel
Court papers that mahakamaninews have received

What pains is that the complainant in this matter after being forced to resign, his lawyer negotiated and recieved compensation on his behalf.

The case was filed in 2009, the lawyer received payment in 2014 and my dad knew about the judgement and payment in 2020 December. This is after contacting InterContinental Hotel who and going to Milimani lawcourts searching for a file for a week coz the lawyer gave my dad wrong file number making it so difficult to trace the file.”

After Kennedy Osoro fraudulently negotiated the compesation with Intercontinental Hotel, he ghosted his client and blacklisted his number.

He was paid, moved office from Afya Centre to unknown location and blackliated my dad. I have all the evidence needed. Kindly advise,”

Lawyers, law experts and scholars reading this, is there any legal support, help or cause the complainant can follow to get justice and the much needed compensation?

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