Garissa Governor Korane Tells Court Petition Challenging His Academic Papers Is Propelled By Malice And Clan Hatred

by Mahakamani News
Garissa Governor Ali Bunow Korane

Garissa Governor Ali Bunow Korane has termed petition challenging his academic papers as an abuse of court process, tainted with malice and clan hatred against him.

The governor through senior counsel Ahmednassir Abdullahi, said Dr Aden Muktar Bare has never challenged the election of the Governor nor his clearance to contest for the gubernatorial position in Garissa County.

“The petitioner is propelled by malice and clan hatred cleverly called under the guise of the constitutional petition raising alleged constitutional issues,” Governor Korane said.

He added that the jurisdiction to hear and determine election disputes is vested in an election court and the process of removal of the governor is prescribed by the constitution and County Government Act.

Korane further said that no court other than an election court has powers to remove a Governor from office after his election.

“The power of an election court must also be exercised within the strict timelines prescribed by law,” he added.

He dismissed allegations by Dr Muktar that he concealed his academic qualification. “It is clear this is an election dispute, which if anything, the petitioner is statutorily time barred to present for this court to determine,” added Korane.

He said the petition is questioning his academic qualifications to vie in the gubernatorial election is in effect to challenge the election process.

Korane said he was duly cleared to be a candidate for the Governor of Garissa County in the general election of August 8, 2017 and emerged the winner and declared duly elected the County boss.

He added that Dr Muktar is making allegations without any evidence explanations or supporting facts. He said Dr Muktar in his affidavit in support of the petition states that he has been reliably informed that Korane is a person of interest in the attempted murder of his son.

“The inclusion of this paragraph and paragraph 2 of the petition is a signal as to the true motive behind the petition, which is to punish the respondent for his alleged involvement in the attempted murder of the petitioner’s son. The allegation is without any basis,” Governor said.

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