Hearing Baby Kiano’s Adoption Pushed To May 14

by Mahakamani News
American couple, Mathew Sean Mazzoncini and Daisy Louise Mazzoncini

The hearing of a case involving the adoption of a child known baby Kiano has been pushed to May 14.

The matter could not proceed as anticipated because judges were not sitting. In the case, the three-year-old baby was officially adopted in 2017 by an American couple, Mathew Sean Mazzoncini and Daisy Louise Mazzoncini.

The child was, however, taken by officers from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations. According to the couple, 13 people with head gears stormed into their residence in Westlands, intimidated them and ordered them to sit down or else they would force them to.

They say that one of the men had a video camera, and was recording the whole escapade without their consent. The men apparently identified themselves as police officers.

The abductors asked them about their relationship with the child and in reply, they told the cops that they were the minor’s legal guardians. However the men accused them of fraudulently obtaining the order, alleging that it was illegal.

They took the child while sleeping and hurriedly went into their waiting car and took off.

According to the Mazzoncinis, their advocate advised them to report the matter to the nearest police station (Spring Valley Police Station) but on arrival, they were told that a report had already been made and that they could not make another one. They were then directed to go to the CID department at Muthaiga.

Their lawyer, however, asked them not to go as he sought assistance from the Kenya National Commission for Human Rights.

Through the organisations assistance together with an advocate identified as Veronica, they were able to gather from Spring Valley Police Station that the DCI officers acted on allegations of child trafficking launched by the Child Welfare Society of Kenya (CWSK) and a Mr. Baraza had authorized the ‘rescue’.

The couple has not been allowed access to the minor and they are concerned about his welfare since he has medical conditions that keeps him on constant medication.

The minor is on anti-seizure medication which he takes three times a day and when the couple tried to give the Spring Valley officers his medication to take to him, they refused claiming they did not know where the minor was.

The couple met the minor through a family friend, Gathoni Hamilton Foster during a visit to Kenya with her mother.

He was sickly had the couple have been catering for his medical bills. Before the adoption, the baby was found discarded in a trash bag and left to die.

Activist Boniface Mwangi who has actively been campaigning for the release of the minor says CWSK CEO Irene Mureithi is running the cartel that targets people like the Mazzoncinis.

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