How Much Can a Disability Lawyer Charge

Nervous about disability lawyer costs? Unsure of their services? Find answers here.

Learn about fees, support for you and your family.

How much disability lawyers cost
How much disability lawyer charge: Photo courtesy (Nerdwallet)

How Much Can Disability Lawyers Charge?

All disability lawyers work on contingency — and if you win, you’ll only pay a one-time fee

Likely affordable: pay only if you win. Federal law caps fees at 25% of benefits or $7,200 max.

Updated rule since Nov 30, 2022.

Most pay around $3,000 from a $14,000 back pay award, per SSA stats.

There are no hidden or extra fees

SSA approves lawyer payments, preventing extra fees.

Attorney needs SSA approval for charges, except if held in trust.

Accurate payment info from both you and lawyer required.

You don’t pay disability lawyers anything if you don’t win SSD benefits

No benefits, no charges. $0 if no win. 3x higher chance of benefits with lawyer filing.

What Can Disability Lawyers Actually Do That SSD Claimants Can’t Do Themselves for Free?

Disability lawyers help with SSA dealings.

Obtain records, attend interviews/hearings for you.

Handle appeals, prep for hearings, explain denials.

How Disability Lawyers Can Help Most When You Have No Money or Resources

Disability lawyers helpful with no resources: attend hearings, obtain medical records when you can’t.

Disability lawyers can pay for costly medical records you cannot afford to buy yourself.

Lawyers cover expensive medical records, send needed ones to SSA.

Certified mail creates proof for court, speeds up case, maximizes benefits.

Attorneys can attend your hearings without you there.

Lawyer at ALJ hearing lets you stay home if you’re unwell, improves win chances without court presence.

If you’re a veteran, disability lawyers may bill the federal government for your legal fees.

Lawyers aid veterans denied benefits. EAJA covers legal fees if gov’t error caused benefit loss.

Pays up to $125/hour + related costs.