How Much Does An IRS Lawyer Cost? Analysis

Facing tax problems such as unpaid bills, IRS liens, or wage garnishments can overwhelm you as back tax issues accumulate.

However, remember that you’re not alone.

Many taxpayers deal with serious federal and state back tax problems every year, from failing to file returns to experiencing property tax levies.

The good news is that a simple solution might be available.

IRS lawyer charges/ cost
How much does an IRS lawyer cost: Photo courtesy LegalMatch)

Tax attorneys can help with IRS audits, tax settlements, and forgiveness programs.

This guide explains tax lawyers and their differences from CPAs.

Discover how a tax attorney can help you resolve your tax problems and find the best IRS tax attorney for your needs.

Flat Fee vs. Hourly Rate

The cost of an IRS lawyer can vary based on their billing method.

Some tax attorneys charge flat fees for specific services, such as securing an installment agreement for around $5,000.

Others charge hourly rates, like a Sacramento tax law firm at $350 per hour for representing a client in an IRS audit.

What’s The Typical Flat Fee

Flat fees for tax attorney services vary widely, from a thousand to tens of thousands.

The Law Office of Jin Kim charges around:

  • $1,800 for a tax account review
  • $3,500 for an individual’s installment agreement
  • $8,000 for an offer in compromise with debt exceeding $50,000.

Hourly Rates

Tax attorneys typically charge by the hour for litigation, audit defense, and tasks where estimating the total work is challenging.

Hourly rates vary, with low-cost tax attorneys charging in the low $200s, midrange attorneys in the mid $300s, and experienced or transactional tax attorneys above $400.

Some prestigious law firm partners may charge over $1,000 per hour, but this is uncommon for most clients.

As of November 2021, The Law Office of Jin Kim charges $350 per hour.

However, for most tax resolution cases, flat fees are used instead of hourly rates to provide clients with more cost certainty.