How Much Is A Bankruptcy Lawyer In California

Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Los Angeles, California is popular among individuals who can’t afford to pay their debts.

It’s ideal for those overwhelmed by debt and multiple creditors.

A chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer typically costs around $1250 on average.

Hiring a bankruptcy lawyer significantly boosts success, with a 95% discharge rate for lawyer-represented cases.

How Much Is A Bankruptcy Lawyer In California
How Much Is A Bankruptcy Lawyer In California. Source (Reddit)

Fees and Costs of filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Case

During a bankruptcy case, clients often experience vulnerability and heightened emotions. Concerns about associated fees are common.

Despite our expertise in bankruptcy, the Law Office of R. Grace Rodriguez offers reasonable rates. For a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case, the filing fee is $335, while attorney fees vary based on factors such as:

  • Total number of creditors
  • Debt summary
  • Necessity for a means test analysis
  • Type of filing
  • Urgency
  • Potential issues and complications

Following a thorough evaluation of your case, we determine the total fees and costs for your Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Average cost of Bankruptcy lawyer in California

In Chapter 7 bankruptcy, clients typically surrender their non-exempt assets to the Bankruptcy Trustee. California exemptions dictate which assets can be protected.

Exempted assets won’t necessarily absolve you of debt if you’re behind on payments, as creditors can still seize them.

A bankruptcy lawyer manages all case documentation and prioritizes guiding clients on applying for local or federal bankruptcy exemptions to protect their assets.

If a creditor objects to the discharge or seeks relief, your lawyer will handle all motions to reduce your debt burden.

How much is a bankruptcy lawyer in California?

In Los Angeles, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer typically costs around $1,250 on average.

This cost varies based on location, case complexity, and lawyer experience. Simple cases are cheaper than complex ones with many assets.

Experienced lawyers often charge more than recent law school graduates.

At the Law Office of R. Grace Rodriguez, our experienced bankruptcy lawyers offer compassionate and exceptional services at reasonable rates, with a track record of helping people file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.