How Much Is A Divorce Lawyer in Wisconsin

Divorce lawyers in Wisconsin typically charge between $104 and $448 per hour, with an average rate of $251.

Comparing your hourly rate to other lawyers in the state can help you assess competitiveness and make informed decisions about your billing rate.

Divorce Lawyer cost in Wisconsin
Divorce Lawyer Cost in Wisconsin. Source (Forbes)

The Cost of  a Divorce Lawyer in Wisconsin

How Much Do Wisconsin Divorce Lawyers Charge Per Hour?

In our study, attorneys provided both their minimum and maximum hourly rates, as rates can vary among clients.

In Wisconsin, the average minimum rate was $220 per hour, while the average maximum was $250 per hour.

Notably, the upper end of this range is lower than the national average rates for family lawyers.

Furthermore, Wisconsin’s rate range is considerably lower than in expensive states like New York and California.

Hourly rates can vary for several reasons:

  1. Expertise: Family law specialists with extensive experience often charge more per hour than general practitioners. However, higher rates may result in quicker case resolution.
  2. Location: Lawyers in larger cities typically have higher hourly rates due to higher practice costs. Attorneys in places with a lower cost of living, such as Milwaukee, may charge less than those in expensive areas like Madison or affluent suburbs.
What’s the Typical Cost for a Wisconsin Divorce Lawyer?

An attorney’s hourly rate is just one part of the cost equation.

Equally important is the number of hours the lawyer bills you for, which can vary.

Based on our reader survey and attorney study, the typical total cost of a full-scope divorce lawyer in Wisconsin falls between $9,200 and $10,600 (considering minimum and maximum hourly rates).

However, these are average figures for all divorces in the state.

Your actual expenses may be significantly higher or lower, depending on the complexity and number of contested issues in your case and whether you and your spouse can reach a settlement on these matters.