How Multi-layered Marketing Can Help Lawyers Increase Their Digital Presence

Multi-layered marketing strategies for lawyers are becoming common in this competitive era.

In this article, I explore three multi-layered marketing strategies that lawyers are using to increase their digital presence.

In addition, I also discuss the importance of using Multi-layered marketing strategies for lawyers to increase their digital presence.

What is a multi-layered marketing strategy?

A Multi-layered marketing strategy involves the use of online marketing tools to increase a firm or a lawyer’s visibility to the right people at the right time.

These online marketing tools include:

  • Mobile Optimized Websites
  • Online Directories
  • Google pay-per-click advertisements
An infographic of the types of multi-layered marketing that lawyers can use to increase their digital presence
Types of multi-layered marketing strategies for lawyers

Mobile Optimized Websites

It is important for lawyers who wish to increase their digital presence to have a professionally built, dynamic website constructed to SEO standards and mobile-optimized.

A mobile-optimized website can help lawyers to get more bookings for consultation.

Additionally, a website is also an important firm that validates your law firm or your law practice as legit since most fake law firms do not have websites or any online presence.

Use of Online Directories.

The use of online directories is an important multi-layered marketing strategy for lawyers.

This is because online directories provide a listing of lawyers in a specific geographic location or area of practice/expertise.

If a lawyer or a law firm wishes to increase its digital presence, then it should embrace the use of online directories such as FindLaw, AVVO, and Justia.

Brilliant and prominent lawyers are also listed in online directories such as Super Lawyers and Martindale Hubbell.

Online directories are important because they expose lawyers and /or their law firms to higher-quality clients.

Legal consumers will often search for an attorney in these directories, meaning that any attorney listed in such directories should expect a surge in legitimate contacts.

Additionally, lawyers who subscribe to these directories can secure exclusive top placement, thus they are visible to more potential clients.

Use of Advertisement

The use of Google pay-per-click is a potential way in which lawyers can increase their digital presence.

As a multi-layered marketing strategy for lawyers, Google Pay Per Click allows them to create a series of advertisement campaigns based on relevant search terms.

Lawyers who use Google pay-per-click can increase their digital presence as prospective clients may find them on the dedicated landing page.

What advantages does a multi-layered marketing strategy provide for lawyers?

Lawyers who use multi-layered marketing strategies can:

  • increase their firm’s digital footprint to a better-suited audience
  • improve the overall quality of potential clients
  • gain more clients in their specific practice areas

Attorney Jeffrey Chabrowe is an example of a lawyer who has embraced the use of a multi-layered marketing strategy.

Through the use of FindLaw, he grew his client base and his law firm at a rate that he was comfortable with.

Reportedly, his contacts increased by 61% from year one to year two of embracing these strategies.

Additionally, his optimized website also realized an increase in traffic. 50% of this new traffic came from the FindLaw directory.


For lawyers who wish to increase their digital presence and attract quality clients, they should use at least one multi-layered marketing strategy.

Mobile Optimized Websites, online directories, and advertisements such as Google pay-per-click are some of the multi-layered marketing strategies that have proved effective.