How to Choose the Right Attorney for Wrongful Termination Cases

Losing your job unfairly is stressful. Many seek compensation through legal means.

A wrongful termination attorney can be crucial for securing compensation.

Choosing the right attorney for wrongful termination cases matters, so consider credentials, local experience, and service level for a competent attorney.

How to Choose the Right Attorney for Wrongful Termination Cases
How to Choose the Right Attorney for Wrongful Termination Cases. Source (Indeed)

Understanding Wrongful Termination

Wrongful terminations can result from various reasons such as discrimination due to race, age, religion, or gender.

It also includes pregnancy-related discrimination and discrimination based on mental or physical disability.

Retaliation, like firing employees who take sick leave or report workplace harassment, is another issue.

Breach of employment contracts is also not allowed and can be contested in court.

Selecting a Competent Wrongful Termination Attorney

If you’ve been recently terminated under these circumstances, it is advisable to choose a reputable attorney that handles wronful termination cases.

To ensure competence and your best interests, consider these criteria when hiring your lawyer:


Check your attorney’s credentials, which include education, diverse legal experience, and a track record of handling similar cases.

You can often find this information on a law firm’s website, but don’t hesitate to call and inquire for peace of mind.

Doing your research upfront is essential.

Experience in the Local Area

Federal laws govern some employment aspects, but many fall under state or local regulations.

For example, in Missouri, employment is generally “at will,” allowing termination at any time unless under contract.

Consulting a local lawyer who understands these nuances is vital, often with a free initial consultation.

Comfort Level

Comfort and trust with your attorney are crucial.

They handle life-changing matters, so you should feel at ease asking questions and sharing concerns. The best lawyers are tough on opponents but compassionate with clients.

Assess during the initial meeting if this is someone you’d like to work with.

Compatibility is vital; a competent attorney may not be the right fit if you can’t collaborate effectively.

Choose someone experienced and competent who also feels like a good fit for you.

Communication and Customer Service

When pursuing compensation for wrongful termination, excellent communication and customer service from your chosen law firm are vital, especially for complex cases.

While your attorney may handle multiple cases, expect a reply within 1-3 business days, quicker for urgent queries.

Assess the law firm’s communication style from the start, including their response to your initial request and follow-up after the first consultation. A smooth communication system early on indicates a reliable process later.

Billing System

To avoid unclear or unfair billing practices, it’s crucial to understand what to expect before hiring a law firm.

Generally, the first appointment should be free to assess your case and compatibility with the lawyer.

The firm should also provide an estimated total cost before beginning.

Reputable firms often work on a contingency basis, meaning they only get paid if they win your case, reducing financial pressure during a stressful situation.

What to Expect From Your Case

Time is limited to file a wrongful termination claim: 3 months for an Employment Tribunal, 6 years for courts.

Consult an attorney promptly. After discussing your case, it may take 12-20 months for a verdict, depending on court type and complexity.

Winning means your former employer pays damages, compensating for losses or punitive damages for outrageous behavior.

The court may even order reinstatement if you desire your old job back.

If terminated due to discrimination or retaliation, consult a wrongful termination attorney for potential compensation.