How to Find the Best Personal Injury Lawyer in Ithaca NY

A lawyer can handle your personal injury lawsuit, assist you in resolving your claim, and set up your case for arbitration or small claims court.

However, you don’t want to work with any lawyer. You need a reputable personal injury attorney with experience.

To help you find the best personal injury lawyer in Ithaca, NY or elsewhere, the tips below will help you find a good lawyer.

How to Find the Best Personal Injury Lawyer in Ithaca, NY
How to Find the Best Personal Injury Lawyer in Ithaca, NY. Source (Reddit)

1. Evaluate their Experience

Experience is key in personal injury law. An experienced lawyer knows how to handle complex cases and insurance companies’ tactics. To assess an attorney’s experience:

  1. Focus on personal injury as a primary practice area.
  2. Ask about their years of handling such cases.
  3. Inquire about trial experience.
  4. Check for recognition in the personal injury law community.
  5. Confirm experience in the specific type of case you have, like brain injury cases.

2. Ensure they have a strong track record for success.

Experience alone doesn’t guarantee success. Some personal injury lawyers may have years of experience but lack a strong track record of success. Assess their performance by:

  1. Reviewing their case results, especially for multi-million-dollar settlements.
  2. Checking if they’ve handled catastrophic injuries and wrongful death claims.
  3. Investigating if they’ve won awards for their settlements and verdicts.

3. Pay attention to how they engage with you.

Trust your instincts in choosing a personal injury lawyer. The attorney-client relationship is crucial, so ensure you’re comfortable with their communication and treatment. Consider:

  1. Their readiness to answer your questions.
  2. Their friendliness and professionalism.
  3. Their communication skills, including explaining the legal process and responsiveness.
  4. Their willingness to travel if necessary.
  5. Their genuine concern for your well-being.

4. Understand their Payment Model

Read the fine print when hiring an attorney to understand their payment terms. Ask:

  1. Do they offer a free initial consultation?
  2. Is it a contingency-fee-based model? (You pay only if they win, and fees come from the settlement or defendant.)
  3. Can they provide a cash advance for costs before your settlement or verdict?

5. Consider what additional resources they offer.

Consider the resources offered by your prospective personal injury lawyer. Some firms provide comprehensive assistance throughout the case, reducing hassle for you. Ask if they can:

  1. Connect you with medical professionals for treatment.
  2. Help you find doctors who accept payment from your settlement.
  3. Assist with services like property damage valuation and medical provider cost negotiations.