How To Revoke Power Of Attorney In Ohio: A Guide

A revoke power of attorney in Ohio cancels any prior Ohio Power of Attorney, whether it’s General, Limited, Durable, or Springing, effectively ending the authority granted to the attorney-in-fact.

In Ohio, grant Power of Attorney to someone you wholeheartedly trust to make honest decisions in your best interest.

Your chosen agent will be authorized to make life decisions on your behalf.

Reasons to Revoke Power of Attorney Ohio

Numerous reasons may lead to revoking a Power of Attorney in Ohio, including:

  1. Regaining the ability to make your own decisions.
  2. Lack of trust in your current agent.
  3. Identifying a more suitable candidate as your agent.
  4. Agent’s relocation, passing away, or changing relationship.
  5. Fulfillment of the purpose for the Ohio Power of Attorney, rendering agent representation unnecessary.

How to Revoke Power of Attorney in Ohio

In Ohio, you can only revoke a Power of Attorney using an Ohio Revocation of Power of Attorney form or upon the principal’s death. To complete the revocation form, you need:

  • Principal’s name and address
  • Date of the original Ohio Power of Attorney
  • Agent’s name and address
  • Date of the Ohio Revocation of Power of Attorney form
  • Principal’s signature in the presence of a notary
  • Notary’s signature and seal on the form

After completing the form, you should notify all parties involved with the original Power of Attorney, especially the agent.

In some cases, a legal notice in a local newspaper may be required for added protection.

The Ohio Revocation of Power of Attorney is a crucial document for terminating a Power of Attorney and ensures everyone involved is aware of the revocation, preventing potential issues.